Monday, August 17, 2009

The Quick Six gets underway

The following are updates from a loyal fan receiving hourly phone reports.

4:28 am
Betsy arrives at Ned's house. It's dark. Very. She is wearing white. She glimmers in the light from the porch.
4:31 am
Monica arrives at the house. It's still dark. She is a cheerful voice floating from a silhouette against in the streetlight. She, too, is wearing white.
They pack the car trunk. The aroma of coffee stirs through the heavy air. It's already going to be a hot day.
4:40 am The adventure begins. Ned drives. Next is Checkpoint 1 where they will meet Cindy.
5:19 Intersection of 62 and 95, Danvers. Cindy on board. Her current colors are blue and black.
6:15 Maine swim accomplished. Short Sand Beach, York, Maine.
7:15 Hampton Beach, New Hampshire swim accomplished. Interesting complication: Betsy wrapped in towel; second bathing suit still locked in car.
8:00 Plaintive requests for loyal fan to begin blog entries.
8:15 Daughter Jane brought in as blog expert. JKA, Jane Knows All.
8:40 Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts swim accomplished.
Loyal fan awaiting possible photo transmissions.

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