Monday, August 23, 2010

The Victory Feast

A well deserved repast in a warm, dry, well-lighted shelter for The Valiant Three. Then homeward bound, where doting followers and (paper) crowns of laurel leaves await them.

Victory is Achieved!

Dusk coming on, cold rain falling, the day waning, but once again the Avid Adventurers take their last dips in the now frigid Atlantic. Six ocean beaches, six states, one long day. Glorious, one-of-a-kind, never-done-before, one-for-the record books Victory!

Unfortunately, the weather's nastiness has only intensified over the past twelve grueling hours. Amid the raucous shouts of victory, one Adventurer exclaimed, "It was wetter putting on supposedly dry clothes in the parking lot than it was standing in the Atlantic Ocean!"

Weary but basking in the glow of glory, the three Adventurers now make their way to a warm meal and a stiff drink before the drive home.

News Flash

The Adventurers have safely driven past the site of last year's attack, the car crash which destroyed their dream. They are closer to victory than ever before, and heading toward the last beach, #6 in Rhode Island. 

New London, CT

The sea traversed again, the #5 dip taken in state #5, the ever-youthful band of merrymakers are proceeding cautiously onto the most dangerous leg of their journey--the dreaded drive to Rhode Island, site of last year's heart-breaking disaster. Five beaches in five states--they have come this far before. Will they make it to number six? Adoring fans can only wait and hope.

Despite the fact that the Adventurers have met with technological troubles at this most critical time in their journey, they have managed to send photos from a second cell phone. Ah, they are so resourceful--and on this day of wretched weather, they are still smiling.

Orient Point, NY

Phone call update at 1:58: The New York water immersion has been accomplished and the Merry Band are back at sea, though it is still a rough and windy one, crossing on the ferry back to the CT shore.

Message from the Photographer Adventurer:  "yoot yoot!!!  4 down!!!"


The Faithful Follower somehow missed a phone update when the Adventurers were delayed docking at Orient Point because of rough seas. The wind had picked up and white caps threatened our intrepid travelers, but they faced the unknown with their usual courage.

The Adventurers at Sea

News flash: "We're on the Cross Sound Ferry - headed for Long Island. Having tuna sandwiches and Chardonnay for lunch."

Ever onward, Merry Band of Adventurers!

Mid-morning Report

No photos. Everyone in warm dry clothes heading down the 4th Interstate of the day to the 4th state of the day where they will find the 4th beach of the day, and wondering if they can catch the early ferry to NY.

Salisbury Beach!

The intrepid travelers arrive at the halfway mark--three beaches! It is 7:47 am. It is now late enough in the morning for the weary world to begin catching up with our troupe. Our hero and heroines finally find an obliging stranger to take their picture.

The Faithful Follower admits to a frisson of concern for the Adventurers when she received this photo. Has Doubt joined the fearless party? We can only hope their hearts remain strong and devoted to the challenge, and the future smiles upon them.

Hampton Beach, NH

Two beaches down!  They hope for three beaches before 7:30 am. It's cold, it's sunless, the tide is out, the sand is far, they have to walk for miles to reach the sea. And yet they persevere! They tumble their chilled selves back into the car and continue courageously southward.

York Beach, Maine: Dawn

Stage One has been accomplished. Wet and still smiling they enjoy their triumph. It is 5:17.

The Quick Six II: It begins

Our intrepid and perhaps insane adventurers met in the wee small hours (4:15 am) to begin their second attempt at the Quick Six. Their number is sadly reduced by one this year, but life and schedules do not always mesh. Three adventurers now face the frothing waves together.

First photos, first report: "It is hard to tell the nighttime from the day." Still, their brave faces are smiling.

One adventurer, the photographer, was the first to leave her home under cover of darkness with only the moon to accompany her to the first meeting place. Then adventurers One and Two met the third brave member of the company at the rendezvous spot, and the Quick Six was under way.