Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our 15 minutes of fame

The next day (July 12) the article below appeared in Seacoast On-line and in the Portsmouth (NH) Herald.

Many thanks to Ariella!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Seven: "Roll, thou deep and dark blue ocean"

Beach Number Seven: York, Maine. Seven in Eleven--Hurray!-- and just in the nick of time. It's about 8pm. In another half hour there would have been no beach at all. And the sun is going down.

In York, the Adventurers were met by reporter Ariella Coombs and a photographer from the Portsmouth, NH newspaper. A wonderful ending to a long and wildly successful day.
End of the day, and the Adventurers have left the beach to share a celebratory meal--and a well-earned victory drink.

Six: "I must down to the seas again. . . "

Beach Number Six: New Hampshire has been achieved. For Ned, Betsy and Cindy this ties last year's Quick Six swim. For Monica, Brian and Angel it's a personal best--but their record is soon to improve. It's around 7pm which means it's been 14 hours since Beach Number One in New Jersey. Only one more beach to go. Onward to Maine!

Five: By the Shining-Big-Sea-Water

Beach Number Five: Salisbury, Massachusetts. Lookin' cool in the lengthening shadows of the afternoon sun.

NB: Itinerary Changes

The MA beach will still be in Salisbury, but it will be off North End Blvd.

The NH beach has been changed from Wallis Sands to Hampton Beach.

Onward, Adventurers!

Four: Sea Fever

Beach Number Four: Rhode Island, and past the halfway point.
 Special mention: Really Nice Guy Ryan, the gate attendant at Misquamicut State Beach and a big Seven in Eleven fan.


The Adventurers enjoy a break and a Summer Shandy before setting sail for Rhode Island. Angel is the Official Photographer.

Three: Water, water everywhere

Beach Number Three: Connecticut. As the morning progresses, other beachgoers begin to make an appearance on the sand, but the Adventurers, of course, have braved the water.

Two: Here comes the sun

Beach Number Two: New York has been conquered, and it's not even 9 am yet. Swimmers are at Rockaway Beach near the surfer's beach at 90th Street. This is Bell's Beach, named for a firefighter who lost his life on 9/11.

And this is Good Samaritan John of Beach 92nd Street who generously provided the Adventurers a parking space while they took their ocean dip. Who says New Yorkers are unfriendly?

One: By the dawn's early light

Beach Number One: Awake, wet, smiling (and looking awfully good for 5:30 am!), the Adventurers cross New Jersey off their list. The photo credit goes to Angel L. Colon, Jr.--who else would be on the beach at this hour????

Sunday, July 10, 2011

To boldly go . . .

First photo of the valiant Seven in Eleven adventurers, currently enroute to New Jersey where they will attempt a good night's sleep before tomorrow's Aquatic Challenge.

From left to right: Angel, Monica, Betsy, Ned, Cindy, Brian.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven in Eleven

Seven in Eleven
A Littoral Adventure
On Monday July 11, 2011 a group of adventurers will attempt to swim at seven salt water beaches in seven different states between dawn and dusk. With the support of several chapters of The Surfrider Foundation, Seven in Eleven celebrates the beauty of the coastal Northeast and proves that age is no barrier to having fun outdoors.

The event begins at sunrise (5:36 a.m.) at Long Branch, NJ. Subsequent stops will be at Rockaway Beach (Beach 90th Street) in New York City,
Sherwood Island State Park (East Beach) in Westport, CT,
Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly, RI,
Salisbury State Reservation, Salisbury, MA,
Wallis Sands State Beach, Rye, NH,
Ending before sunset (8:23 p.m.) at Long Sands Beach, York ME.

The Seven in Eleven builds on last year’s Quick Six – six beaches, six states, one day. The Quick Six was featured in the Travel Section of the Boston Sunday Globe.

This year’s participants, most in their 50’s and 60’s, are expected to include a registered nurse, a computer security expert, a former Coast Guardsman, a van driver, a veteran long-distance swimmer and runner, and a retired city planner.

For additional background, see

Live blogging begins right here on Monday July 11, 2011 at 7 a.m.