Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Swim Free or Cry

When last we left The Aquanuts, they were enjoying well deserved adult beverages in York, ME after completing an unprecedented eight beach one-day "adventure." Fearing a mutiny, I decided that in 2015 we would have something more closely approximating "a day at the beach." I thought that a swim in each of the five oceanfront towns in New Hampshire would be both fun and memorable. And so, on July 6 we set out.

Beach One
Great Island Common 
New Castle NH

“Left on Sagamore Road.”
“Should I go around again?”
“It SAYS Left on Sagamore Road!”
“Should I go around AGAIN?”

Beach Two
Wallis Sands State Park
Rye NH

“What IS the problem with the seaweed?”

Beach Three
North Hampton NH

"The cure for every human sadness is salt. Tears, sweat, the ocean."
Attribution required

Beach Four
Hampton Beach
Hampton NH
(Overheard at Hampton)
“So how was the rest of the night?”
“A shitshow.”
“What happened?”
“You know, people started fighting and puking.”

Beach Five
Seabrook Beach
Seabrook, NH

“I suppose you’re wondering what we are doing parked here.”
“It’s none of my business.”

So ends the tale of Swim Free or Cry. Fans of The Aquanuts can look forward to our 2016 offering

The Sweet Sixteen