Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finale--drum roll, please

Beach 9, the Last Beach of the Day: South Shore Beach in Little Compton, RI.
And now, "Straight Outta Little Compton" toward a good dinner and the homeward trail.

 Congratulations to the fearless Aquanuts! You've done it again!

Penultimate--almost done

Second or Sachuest Beach in Middleton, RI. Warm and no seaweed, and a little less rain.

Lookin' good

It's beach No. 7 in Newport and everyone is still smiling--in spite of the nasty red seaweed.
As the clock ticks on the intrepid team forges ahead.
And, as requested by a faithful blog reader, here is the map of the trip.

Fast and furious as the day wanes: Beach 6

Jamestown. Check it off the list!

It's Beach 5

Welcomed to Narragansett Town Beach by Linda and her staff!!

Here Brian recreates his pose from the Aquanuts' poster for his appreciative fans.
Four more beaches to go!

Beach 4: Block Island

Swim accomplished--with amenities and duck.
 (Photo credit to bartender Milan from Hungary.)
 Now back onto the ferry and off to the next beach. Duck remained behind.

Afloat to Block Island

The Big Day Begins--Early!

While their (un)faithful blogger overslept, the valiant Aquanuts swam in three beaches before 8am! The weather is not encouraging, but determination and camaraderie carry them ever forward on their journey.

Beach 1: Misquamicut
Beach 2: Charlestown

Beach 3: East Matunuck

Next up: breakfast!

Monday, August 14, 2017

And they're off!

After an evening departure from MA, the 5 Aquanuts fortify themselves with adult beverages and get ready for a good night's sleep in Pawcatuck, RI. Tomorrow the wet stuff begins.
Sleep well, Aquanuts.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Swim Adventure '17

 The Aquanuts are Back!

Making the biggest impact on the smallest State, the intrepid Aquanuts plan to hit the beaches of coastal Rhode Island on Tuesday August 15.  A dawn start at Misquamicut should get them out to Block Island and back in time to finish in Little Compton before sundown.

Nine beaches in nine towns is this year's goal, and you are invited to follow along as we relay our adventures to our blogger back at base camp.

(Note: The Aquanuts lead complicated lives. It is always advisable to check in advance before attempting to meet them along the way.)

Email - ned@act2partners.com or leave a comment on this page.