Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diabolus ex Machina

When I have had a chance to process this day, I may post again. My mind is reeling with cliches from classical literature. I feel that defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory. We must have offended the gods somehow.

I know I have the best family and friends in the world.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brave and Weary Adventurers

10pm Finally on a (delayed) train, headed home.


6pm Rear-ended by another car in New London. (Everyone reported OK.) Quick Six crashes to a halt.

Siren Lured Offshore

4:45pm CT swim accomplished. Cindy in serious swim mode far offshore.

Another State Down

2:09 Back on the return ferry, having accomplished the Orient Point, NY swim, eaten some lunch, and lost 2 beach towels en route.

Midday Respite

11:45 Highway leg of journey completed. Taking the noon ferry to Orient Point, NY.

More photos

Then on to Hampton, NH and Salisbury, MA.

Photos from Betsy's cell phone

Sorry about the posting delay. The photos went to junk mail (such insolence!) and we just discovered them.

This is York, Maine.

The Quick Six gets underway

The following are updates from a loyal fan receiving hourly phone reports.

4:28 am
Betsy arrives at Ned's house. It's dark. Very. She is wearing white. She glimmers in the light from the porch.
4:31 am
Monica arrives at the house. It's still dark. She is a cheerful voice floating from a silhouette against in the streetlight. She, too, is wearing white.
They pack the car trunk. The aroma of coffee stirs through the heavy air. It's already going to be a hot day.
4:40 am The adventure begins. Ned drives. Next is Checkpoint 1 where they will meet Cindy.
5:19 Intersection of 62 and 95, Danvers. Cindy on board. Her current colors are blue and black.
6:15 Maine swim accomplished. Short Sand Beach, York, Maine.
7:15 Hampton Beach, New Hampshire swim accomplished. Interesting complication: Betsy wrapped in towel; second bathing suit still locked in car.
8:00 Plaintive requests for loyal fan to begin blog entries.
8:15 Daughter Jane brought in as blog expert. JKA, Jane Knows All.
8:40 Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts swim accomplished.
Loyal fan awaiting possible photo transmissions.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Quick Six

August 2009
Monday the 17th will mark the inaugural running of The Quick Six. This event involves swimming (at least one full head to toes immersion in the ocean) at six different beaches in six different states during one period of daylight. At least four participants are lined up and eager to go.

More (with photos) upon completion.