Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Finale--drum roll, please

Beach 9, the Last Beach of the Day: South Shore Beach in Little Compton, RI.
And now, "Straight Outta Little Compton" toward a good dinner and the homeward trail.

 Congratulations to the fearless Aquanuts! You've done it again!

Penultimate--almost done

Second or Sachuest Beach in Middleton, RI. Warm and no seaweed, and a little less rain.

Lookin' good

It's beach No. 7 in Newport and everyone is still smiling--in spite of the nasty red seaweed.
As the clock ticks on the intrepid team forges ahead.
And, as requested by a faithful blog reader, here is the map of the trip.

Fast and furious as the day wanes: Beach 6

Jamestown. Check it off the list!

It's Beach 5

Welcomed to Narragansett Town Beach by Linda and her staff!!

Here Brian recreates his pose from the Aquanuts' poster for his appreciative fans.
Four more beaches to go!

Beach 4: Block Island

Swim accomplished--with amenities and duck.
 (Photo credit to bartender Milan from Hungary.)
 Now back onto the ferry and off to the next beach. Duck remained behind.

Afloat to Block Island